Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos at the Fair

This was my fourth year entering photos at our county fair and it was my most succesful year as well!

This picture of Audrey won first place in B&W portraits!  It's one of the outtakes from our Christmas card photos that I took last year.  I seriously adore this shot of her!

This shot of a 1935 Ford Coupe won first place in B&W still lifes.  It also won my heart and I told Andrew if he ever screws up big time, just to buy me this car and we'll be good.  ;)

This picture of Mickey won second place for color portraits and it's the first time I haven't won this category.  Mickey's really miffed that he only got second.  I've tried to explain to him that it's about my skill not the him as a subject but he's still mad Audrey got first.  Hee!

This picture won the overall Theme category.  I'm pretty excited because I think the prize for this isn't just the $4 for first, it's two season passes to the fair for next year!  Yeah!!!

The other cool thing about this photo is that I got to present it to Wayne Brooks, the announcer for our rodeo.  I'm pretty sure he liked it!  ;)

And, here's my photo up on the big screen. 
Gotta love a little small town fame!  Hee!

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joscelyne cutchens said...

so awesome girl! Congratulations! :)