Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

~I'm currently trying to get caught up with Project Life.  :)  I just ordered a ton of pics dating back to the second week of June! 

~The basil in my garden got ignored so now I'm belatedly removing all the flowers and hoping that we've got enough time this summer to let them rebound.

~This may actually work out for the best because none of my Roma tomatoes have started ripening and I planted a lot of basil and romas so I could can my own spaghetti sauce.

~After finally getting around to repainting my toenails, the darn things started chipping two days later.  Normally this kind of behavior is reserved for my fingernails.  Craziness!

~I met a half Great Dane, half Mastiff named Bob a few weekends ago and I'm in love!  I'm pretty sure that neither my husband nor my half Great Dane, half Poodle named Lilly would be impressed though.

~Tomorrow my husband turns 40!  I don't think this makes him old but it does make me feel a little old.  I'll be married to a 40 year old man!

~Summer is almost over and I've still got quite a bit to do to get the kiddos ready.  Aud needs a backpack, Mickey needs the rest of the school supplies on his list and I need to take his birth certificate in to the school.

~I've been slowly updating my wardrobe from ratty jeans and old work out tees to a more presentable look.  Pinterest has been a huge help in this department!  You can find my Clothing board here.

Can you tell I like aqua?

~I'm taking Maggie Holmes' Advanced Photography class and I'm super excited!  However, I'm still trying to get a handle on Lightroom and get everything up on my new computer.  It'll be interesting to see how well I can edit with this setup and to see how quickly I get used to Lightroom.

Well, that's enough brain dumping for today.  I'm off to get a handle on my massive to-do list! 

Have a good one!  :)

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