Monday, August 20, 2012

Worth Every Mile!

Last month I packed up my car and drove all the way to Seattle for a one day crop. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, a five hour drive (one way!) for a one day crop?!?!?  Erica, are you nuts? 

Well, yes I am!  And, it's so worth it because I get scrap with a great group of girls who understand Washi addiction and know manufacturer names along with the names of those who design for them. 
Basically, we talk shop.  ;)

Oh, and I have coffee.  A very rare occurrence as I think this was my fourth coffee of the year.  It was sooooo yummy though!

Here's a group shot of all us ladies (minus Kim, our hostess).

And, this was the coolest part of the crop.  We clipped up all the layouts we made at the crop!  I loved getting to see every one's work.  These gals are seriously talented!!!

I'll post the layouts in the next few days.  (I just got a couple of them back from the fair.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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