Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The first half of November was quite busy for me. I had a two day trip to Seattle for the Creating Keepsakes Convention, followed immediately by a six day trip to Cabo. 
I headed up north to Seattle on the morning of the 8th, picking up some Punky Sprouts goodies from Shelly.  After leaving Shelly, I realized that I'd forgotten to fill up my tank in Oregon.  For those who may not know, you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon and in Washington, you have to.  Let's just say I appreciate this little luxury and as such, I've never pumped my own gas on my own before.  I've had friends walk me through it, flirted with gas station attendants to have them do or begged random strangers for help.  This day, I pumped my own gas, all by myself.  I was dancing as I walked into the gas station to get my receipt!  :)
I cruised up I-5 and made fairly decent time to arrive at the Hilton where I'd be staying with my friend, Joscie.  She and I both loved their elevators!

Our friend Noel was already at the hotel (I could hear her and Joscie laughing through the door) and the three of us made our way to A-Muse Stamps.  Joscie hooked us up with a guided tour from Vanessa, who was super sweet!  The four of us had a wonderful lunch afterwards.

Here's Joscie, Noel and I.  Can you tell we love aqua?  ;)
Some colorful A-Muse goodies!
Noel, with a few appropriate stamp sets.  ;)

Joscie and I had signed up for the Thursday Technique crop so we headed back that way.  We made sure to sit in the back so our giggling and chatting wouldn't bug anyone. 
We got our picture taken by some of the CKC staff.  CKC has the greatest crew!
I signed up for another class because she had a bunch that she had signed up for and I'm so glad I did.  This one was a lot of fun and I really loved the products used in it.
After class, I went shopping a little more and then met up with Joscie for one last goodbye photo. 

Then, it was off to teach a class for Punky Sprouts.  I had great students in that class and even ended up taking the (school bus) shuttle back to the hotel with some of them. 

After two awesome days, I had to hop back in my car and drive right back home.  I finally pulled into my driveway at 11:45 pm.  Crazy, but so worth it!!!

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Kim said...

It was so good to meet you at CKC! I am not sure how we forgot to take a picture together since we shared a classroom! I have loved finding your blog and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!