Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 & The New Printing Plan!

Project Life 2012 was awesome.  It's also not finished.  LOL!  I've got about six months to catch up on.  I'm not terribly worried about it as thanks to my handy-dandy computer and Facebook I'll be able to complete it.  I'm slowly working on getting the photos edited, resized and printed so that I can have a marathon PL scrappy weekend in Sunriver and get 'er done!
That said, I'm revamping my printing process for both Project Life 2013 and my scrapbooking in general.
Here's my first page for 2013.  (Not a lot of pics this week so I combined the intro page and week one into one page.)  The photos are printed directly from my computer onto regular printer paper.
Yep, thin, crappy printer paper!  My plan is to print out the photos I want to use in the sizes I want at home so I can get started creating and then order those same sized prints from Costco.  When they are ready and I have time, I'll pick them up and then replace them in my projects.  Once I remove the printer paper photos, I'll hand them over to my kids to play with.
I've already done this with a mini album I created for Punky Sprouts.  (Which I just realized I haven't shared here yet!)  I'm thinking this will really increase the amount of layouts I make.  2012 wasn't my most productive layout year, I think I only made about 30 layouts.
So, any changes with your Project Life process this year?  Are you still doing it?

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suzeyq said...

I never started Project Life. Although the idea appeals to me, very much so, I don't think I could stick with it. I wanted to tell you, I do the same thing with pics though... print them on printer paper first. Then I pass them on to my granddaughter to play with!