Monday, January 14, 2013

Punky Sprouts and My Little Shoebox

 In November, I got to play with the super adorable Notebook line from My Little Shoebox. I just loved this line because it worked well for both of my kids.
It also goes quite nicely with both the denim and canvas Lil' Stems.

These pages use sprayed Lil' Stems and a Canvas Lil' Petal and a Lil' Blossom-Parchment. It's a rare shot of Andrew and I together. Somehow I almost always forget to get those shots. :)

This next shot is of Andrew with the kids. The Lil' Stem in Denim and the Denim Lil' Twiney add a little masculinity to the page to go with the flowers that are what Miss Thing is all about!

Next up, me with the kids. Now, even though I remembered to get Andrew and I in this shot, I failed to get one with all four of us! Yikes!
I had so much fun with the mask I used on this page and the two colors of mist. I didn't add any embellishment to it because I didn't want to cover any of it up!
This is one of my favorite pics of Mickey all year! He's such a little charmer. He, of course, needed a Denim Lil' Stem on his page and I had to make him a flower too, but don't tell him. The Lil' Blossom-Parchment isn't too girly!

This picture of Aud is just so sweet and I loved how the With Love paper has roses all over it. So fitting for our little Audrey Rose! I used a punch to create the flower masks on the canvas page.

As soon as I saw the cute boy and girl stickers, I knew they were perfect for my kiddos. Mickey and Audrey are always giving little gifts to us and to each other. That little banner sticker is one of my favorites!

Punky Sprouts: Teenie Beanie Sprout, Funky Punky Fiber Pack-Denim, Funky Punky Fiber Pack-Canvas, Lil' Blossoms-Parchment, Lil' Petals-Canvas. 
My Little Shoebox: Notebook Collection Kit
Lindy's Stamp Gang: Starburst Mists in Rudolph's Nose Red, Gator Gumbo Olive, California Poppy Gold, Red Hot Poker Orange, Tibetan Poppy Teal, Ramblin' Rose Pink, and Hag's Wart Orange.  

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