Friday, February 8, 2013

Project Life & A Look at Work!

One thing I noticed about my Project Life this week, Andrew is absent!  Yikes!  I told him last night to prepare to get some pics taken of him.  I also think I need to make sure to get pics of him with the kids.  Aleida's Challenge is just as important for Dads as it is for Moms.
 I wasn't sure what to do about the title with the overlap of months, but I think I'm okay with how it is now.  If I figure out something better, I'll change it up and let you know.  That's the nice thing about Project Life, changing up the title is a lot easier than changing a title on a traditional layout!
Aud missed school on Thursday (lost car keys!) so she requested Play-doh for a Friday morning activity.  It's one of her favorite things.  At Wednesday lunch with the Gran, Mickey had his first Taco pizza and he loved it!  He also started teaching Audrey to ride a bike this week.  I had two job interviews at Hot Off the Press and got hired as their new Project Designer!  I like calling myself a professional scrapbooker, though.  It's more fun!

We had the neighbors over Friday afternoon for a few hours and it was great.  The kids played while Brenda and I relaxed and chatted in the sun.  This week I also got happy scrappy mail..twice!  Adorable new flair from the lovely Bossy Joscie and my prize from being one of three winners in Paper Crafts January Gallery Challenge.  Sunday was my niece Rachel's bridal shower and I snapped a pic of myself and another niece, Claire, just to prove I'd been there.  I also got a pic of Mickey playing basketball in the evening.  He loves going outside and shooting hoops and will stay out until he can hardly see!

Here's a peek at my new desk at work!  Wednesday was my first day, kind of a learn about where everything is and get settled in day before I officially start on Monday.  It went really well and I got a card completed, approved and written up.  So exciting!
I can't wait to decorate my space!  It is in desperate need of pictures of my kids and a good dose of aqua!  ;)

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