Monday, March 25, 2013

An Amazing Weekend!!!

I had such a fun time at CKC this weekend. I went Friday morning with my mom and we took an amazing card class together. It was so fun to spend time with her. She'd been gone for a few weeks and missed her like crazy!

I took her home in the afternoon (after much shopping!) and then went back to the convention for the crop. I made sure to take pics with a bunch of my CK friends.

Some pictures (and friends) a little crazier than others.  ;) Todd's a crazy one! Which is probably why we get along so well.

Some pics involved a few more takes than others.  Heh! I love taking pics with Megan. She and I are about the same height so there's no crouching needed on my part!

And I made sure to get one of me and Teri. We had an awesome time cropping together along with her friend Stephanie. :)

Saturday involved a few more classes. My first was with my friend Lynn. We didn't get kicked out of class for talking! We did have some of our fellow classmates cracking up though! 

Little money shot of my fabulous wrist band!

My amazing teacher for all three classes, Micheala!

And, the $3.75 soda that I refilled like crazy once I learned that there were free refills. This was refill number six or seven!

And, sweet Kim! We were full on twins! Jeans, white shirts and mint cardigans were the outfit to be wearing that day!

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