Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Publication Binder (and some fun news!)

This year I decided to get serious about trying to get published more. And that meant getting organized! I grabbed a binder(aqua, of course) and a bunch of page protectors and got started!
First up, I created my main categories; Calls, Cards (unseen), Cards (seen), Layouts, Mini Albums and Other.
I printed out each category name on printer paper, placed them in page protectors and then stapled little tabs with the names on the side.
Behind the section for calls, I glued a tab for each magazine that I want to submit to. I've got sections for Paper Crafts, CK, Create, Cards, Scrapbook Trends and Simply Handmade. I need to add one for Scrapbook and Cards Today.

Once I print out a call, I slip it into the appropriate page protector and then it's all ready for me to check when I have a little time to create.

Once I've submitted a project, I print out a sheet that has the supplies I used and a quick step by step. Then I slip that into a page protector in the proper category. I keep the cards in the protectors with their write up. It's just easier to find them that way. I also write on there which call(s) I've subbed it for and when that call ends.

If I get something picked up, I pull it's info sheet and place it in the front of my binder along with a copy of the contract paperwork and the shipping receipt from the post office.

I keep this in the Expedit right behind my desk so it's easy to grab. It's also really easy for me to bring to crops. I'm also considering a section for challenges and contests but that may need it's own binder.
Now, for my fun news! I got my first layout picked up!  And, it's with Creating Keepsakes!  I'm beyond excited and can't wait to share it. It'll be in the Sept/Oct issue.
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Christina Carnoy said...

That is so awesome. If I ever decide to get serious about publication, I will probably come back and reference this very handy post! Thanks for sharing!!!

Steffanie said...

Woo Hoo! That's awesome news, Erica!