Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately. This time of year, after Aud's birthday and before Mickey's anniversary, is rough on me. I don't have party planning and Easter to distract me and I get pretty nervous. This year is better than last year though. Last year, it was an entire month of depression and stress and not knowing why until a few days before the 4th. This year, it only took me a week and a half to realize why I was so down and so upset. I'm calling that some serious progress! :) 

 Another reason for my absence is my lack of time. This dream job is still a job and still requires 40 hours a week from me. And, I've added exercise back into my life. Which is a good thing but also takes away blogging time. I can't stay up blogging until all hours if I'm getting up at five the next morning. The exercise is sooooo worth it though. I'm down six pounds since April 1st and I just realized this morning that I'm getting more done these days. My house doesn't look like a huge hot mess all the time! (Just a small mess most of the time.) 

 Finally, I just don't have as much craftiness to share. So, I'll be working on adding personal crafty time into my schedule next. And, blogging about more stuff that's craft related but not necessarily projects of mine. Like tomorrow, I've got a blog post on some of my favorite goodies that are available in the catalog that my company puts out, Paper Wishes. And, some of my favorite Hot Off the Press products as well. 

(My homage to Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty)

 Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sticking with me! :)

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