Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swimming Lessons!

Audrey and Mickey had their first swimming lessons last night.

We would have signed Mickey up sooner but he got a little scared when he went in our pool for the first time when he was three. This year was the first year he was actually interested!
It started out pretty well for him. He was really excited!
Aud was a little quiet at first.
Mickey loved sitting on the side and splashing.  :)
Audie like that part, too.
Once he got in, he got a little spooked.
And, he's climbing out. I finally went over there and talked him back into the water. I let his teachers know that even though he's six, it's his very first lesson and that I was okay with him just getting comfortable in the water. I used to teach lessons (at that very pool) and I remember hating when a kid got nervous because I never knew if the parents wanted them pushed or coddled or what. They were really cool and very understanding. One of them even got him to cruise around the shallow end with her.
Aud was fine. She loved every second and waited for her turn with her teacher and loved it!
She also loved her classmates! She was giggling and playing with two of the girls in her class.
And, here she is practicing floating on her back with the teacher. I'm so proud of her! Little girl is pretty darn fearless!
Mickey finally got more comfortable with the water and by the end he was splashing and putting his face in the water more and walking around away from the wall. I'm really proud of him.
And, here's a shot of the two of them cheering each other on.
They had a really, really good time and the DQ trip afterwards made it even better. Mickey was really interested in how you move up in the classes and after I told him what he'd have to master to move up, I heard him mutter, "I should have done everything.". Hee! I think I've found his swimming motivation!

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