Monday, April 1, 2013

Working on Four!

My little girl turns four years old in a few days and now the rush to get all her birthday stuff ready has begun! I'm hoping to get all her invites mailed/delivered tomorrow and here's a sneak at the front of the invite.

Here's a little look at the back which is currently in progress. We had fun making an Audrey/Barbie silhouette. Seriously, I could not get that little girl to stand still and stop giggling!  Crazy girl!

If you couldn't tell, she requested a purple Barbie party. Not a pink one, a purple one. All the Barbie stuff is pink! The cups, plates, invites, etc. All pink!  Even the Barbies all wear pink!  The few purple Barbies out there have brown hair so it's been a challenge to find her a blue eyed, blond Barbie wearing purple.
Next, I have to figure out the food. I did pick up cupcake fixings, white cake mix and plain frosting with a white chocolate raspberry mix in that's a light lavender color. And, I found blueberry flavored white chocolate covered pretzels. I'm thinking I'll be picking up some blueberries and other fruits and maybe making a lavender colored yogurt dip.
I was hoping to hold off on all the Barbie hoopla for another year but she has a few friends that are a couple years older who have Barbies and my little girl has fallen hard! She's very girly in some aspects and this is one of them.
Funny little story from Easter...My mom asked Aud what she wanted for her birthday. Aud's first answer? Jewels! Her second? Clothes! Yeah, we're in trouble with this one! She's growing up way too fast!

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