Monday, May 20, 2013

Around Here...

Around here...we are in full on Tee-Ball mode. It's our first year of what is most likely to be many if you judge by the look on Little Man's face down there. He's sliding into home as a Kindergartner during a Tee-Ball game where there are no outs and no one wins. The kid is 100% Hettwer and 100% in love with the game.

Around here...Audrey is giving us quite the weekend. She woke up Saturday morning with crazy huge hives on her arms, legs and rear. They freaked me out enough that I cancelled my plans to scrap all day and stayed home with her. They finally faded around lunch time. They came back late Saturday night. She woke up and came out to me around 10:00 complaining about the itching. The hives this time around were even more prevalent. She had them in the previous places and some on her face and lower back. After a shower and some antihistamine, she stopped complaining enough to get engrossed in a TV show and when she woke up this morning, they were all gone. So, instead of a movie with my brother and uncle on Sunday I spent the day hanging out at home. Andrew thought I was overreacting but with my baby looking like this, I really couldn't leave her!

Around here...I've been enjoying my Mother's Day present from Andrew. He detailed Bess for me! Doesn't she look purty?

Around here...Andrew's also been in Tee-Ball mode. He's been able to make it to almost every game and does a great job helping coach the kids. That's Mickey there on third base. 

Around here...I've been trying to be a good Team Mom. The other Team Mom and I made this cute Lottery Scratch-It Tree for the Whiskey Hill Kids Bingo Night. We didn't win anything but we sure had fun!

Around here...she finally spent her birthday money! She wanted this horse and Barbie set but it was too much. We waited and waited and finally it went on sale! She even had enough left over to get a Brave book! 

Around here...we are getting used to me working. I tried for three months to juggle 40 hours of work (12 in the office and 28 at home) and still being the kind of mom I want to be to my kids. It's just not possible for me. So, I've cut back to 12 hours in the office and 18 at home. That extra 10 hours should be enough to get our house in order and still have the kind of fun times with my kids that we both crave. I'm really lucky in that my Dad is able to come take care of my little ones while I'm at work. It's great because they have someone who loves them almost as much as I do and he used to come over 2-3 times a week anyways so it's not too much more trouble for him. He also cleans when he's bored so that's an extra bonus for me!  LOL!

Around here...we are lovin' life!

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