Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fourteen Things I Love About My Valentine!

1. His values. He has an old-fashioned work ethic that makes the older generation respect him and the younger generation emulate him.

2. His love of children. He is a great dad and loves kids and babies and young people as much as I do. And, they love him too!

3. His masculinity. He is tall and strong and capable. He has lots of guy friends and loves sports and beer and mowing our lawn. He's a man's man.

4. His femininity. (Oh, he's gonna hate this one.) He watches Lifetime movies and will talk to me for hours in the middle of the night if something is bothering him. He also cried at our wedding and the births of our two children.

5. His outgoing personality. He will go out of his way to engage with a fast food employee and make them laugh. I love that!

6. His looks. Yep, I'm superficial. But my man is tall and handsome and has gorgeous blue eyes. And his walk is powerful and confident and masculine!

7. His confidence. There is nothing that he won't try to do. He has none of that pesky self-doubt when it comes to trying something new.

8. His intelligence. That man of mine is smart! He is one of the most knowledgeable people in his field and hearing him troubleshoot a pump over the phone for one of his customers is just amazing!

9. His laugh. Specifically, that laugh that I can surprise out of him. The one that sounds like he's trying not to laugh at some crazy comment I made but can't help himself. I love that laugh!

10. His loyalty. And not just his loyalty to me. I know that he will never stray. But his loyalty to mom and pop stores, certain brands and even his sports teams. He is not a fair weather fan. He is with you through thick and thin.

11. His friendship. When he's heading to a friend's house it's often because he's going to go help so-and-so do something. He's also my best friend. I love that on those rare occasions that we get to go out, we can talk for hours and not have to bring up our kids.

12. His lack of chauvinism. He changed diapers when our kids were in diapers, he cooked meals when my PTSD left me unable, he respects my crazy(and often useless) knowledge of science, and he doesn't "babysit" our kids when I am gone.

13. His love for our children. Mickey and Audrey are the most important things in his life. He helps them with homework, sports and everything else. He gives them the verbal, physical, and emotional affection that lets them know that their father loves them.

14. He loves me! I am not the easiest person to live with or to love, and he does! He knows all my deep, dark secrets. My bad habits. My anger and despair. And, while he may not always understand me, he loves me.

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