Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WITL Day 1

I'm doing Week In the Life again this year. Last year was my first time and I really enjoyed it but it's so labor intensive that I originally wanted this to be an every other year project. Well, I changed my mind and I'm in!

Last year's album was very picture heavy and not word heavy enough. (Story of my life!) So, I decided to start a blog post every morning and add to it throughout the day. This seems more doable to me than to get it all done in the evening. I got the Blogger app on my phone so even on the days when I'm not home, I can still blog...hopefully!


3:45 alarm to head to the gym. Andrew leaves at 6:10 so I have to get up, ready, and leave for the gym at this ungodly hour so I can get back before he leaves. This morning I was a few minutes late. Yikes! Mickey was still sacked out on the couch (he likes to sleep in the living room during the summer) but Aud was up. She came out with me to let the chickens out into their run. The girls were awake but still on their roosts and didn't hop down right away. I think they were as tired as I am!

Aud wants to take a bath but she is so sleepy that I tell her it's not a good idea. That girl loves her baths...just like Momma! I hop in the shower, clamber back into my jammies and then into bed. Snuggling with my girl first, of course. She also loves her snuggles. 

I'm so excited about WITL that it takes me awhile to fall asleep. And, the noise of a chainsaw/drone/motorcycle(?) at 7:00am doesn't help either. 
I hear the heathens before I'm truly awake. They are pretty good about letting me sleep. Once they realize I'm awake, they yell Momma and climb all over me. Our dog Lilly is also in this excited state and "technically" isn't on the bed because her hind legs are still on the ground. As she's half Great Dane, that leaves a lot of dog to be on the bed with us.

11:00 Up and dressed and making "breakfast". Aud finally gets to have her bath, complete with a jillion My Little Ponies. I can hear her singing from here. She always sings in the tub...and her room...and the car. I love it.  Little Man is playing Legos. He was a bit disappointed that Aud would rather bathe than play Legos with him but got over it and made a football field on our bedroom floor. The Lego minifigs are his players. It's a combo of a couple of his current favorites, sports and Legos.

We've gotten three eggs from our girls so far and I can hear them from my open kitchen window. Most of them are quietly clucking to themselves. There are a couple, however, who announce to the world that THEY HAVE LAID AN EGG TODAY!!! It is hilarious!

I'm done with breakfast so I'd better go finish getting ready, we've got some serious errands to run today!


My lack of sleep is catching up to me. Got my face on, my hair did, and then decided I needed food. LOL! Finally, we left. Dropped a friend's daughter's coat off, got me some caffeine at McD's, and went to my Mom's. Where I proceeded to sit and chat for too long. :) Finally got off my tuckus and we stopped at Fred Meyer and then the Goodwill dropoff.

3:15 We are home and Mickey is getting ready for golf. It's his last lesson, next week they get to golf with a family member and he is so excited to golf with his Dad. :) We are going to drop Mickey off (after getting a few pictures, of course) and then Audrey and I are heading to Tar-jay to return stuff and maybe get her some school clothes. That girl is such a fashionista! Just this morning she told me that she was going to grow her bangs out after all and has asked me all day how she does that and how to wear her hair. Love her!


We zipped out and dropped Mickey off at golf. He's really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to him playing with Andrew. I think it will be a really great experience for both of them! Then Aud and I did our Target thing really quickly but were still a few minutes late to get Mickey. They let out at least 10 minutes early. Fortunately, he just hung out on the putting green with a girl from his class.

We got home so the kids could have some time with Daddy and while they did that, I got dinner ready. It was a gourmet meal of mini corn dogs and fresh veggies. ;) Then Andrew left for an evening throwing 'shoes with the boys. A friend of ours recently lost his wife and that's whose house they were going to. They are such good friends.

After dinner, I spent a little time with the chickens and the goat while the kiddos watched some Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc. in my bedroom with the lights off and the drapes drawn. Pretending they are at a movie theater is one of their favorite things to do.

I drew a bath (for me this time) and Mickey took a quick shower. I'm pretty much beat after only six hours of sleep so I'm off to get my gym stuff ready for tomorrow and take my happy pills. The heathens are going to watch movies in the living room until Andrew gets home and then the three of them will probably fall asleep together, snuggling on the couch.

 Day 1 is done. Bring on tomorrow!


Joyce Hansen said...

I love how you have documented your day. I think that doing it bit by bit is a great idea, less overwhelming, and, less time intensive! I love your comment about your hens announcing their egg laying! We had chickens when I was a child and I used to thing that was hysterical!

Jennie Hart said...

Such a fun take on your day, I love humour :) Your photos are fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your week!